March 19, 2017

I Passed

I passed my nursing exam! This was my third nursing exam in the course and we have about three more to go. After failing my first two exams, I told myself something needed to change. What I started doing is first pray before I started studying and ask God to help me understand and retain the material and pray before the exam. Then I would read the book, do most of the questions on a workbook/study guide, and then do practice questions. I still need to do some enhancement in order to get a higher grade which is to increase the amount of practice questions. On the test I would underline the key words, read the question a second time if I didn't understand it, and do process of elimination. If I was unsure about the answer I would look for the clue word "assessment" and then think about Maslow's Hierarchy of needs and the ABCs (Airway Breathing Circulation). What I've realized is that most questions are asking about priority, what would you do first? I hope this helped and I plan on creating a post or video on how I study for exams once I finish up my first semester.

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