April 20, 2017

Fake It Till You Make It

      Have you ever heard of faking it till you make it? For example, a job, internship or a business venture. I hear it a lot more as I got older. When you're trying to pursue a dream or purpose, there will be trials and tribulations in your path. It could be a lack of resources or someone making it hard for you to win. Sometimes you just have to put a smile on your face and be focused. You are only there for the one reason and that one reason only is to reach your goal. It's a temporary placement unless you make it permanent.

        I was listening to a speech  from TD Jakes about Purpose and he said, "Sometimes keeping it real will keep you broke and keeping it real will keep you out of a job." I agree with this statement so much because some of us are so quick to tell someone off or telling them like it is, however, do not realize there could be a consequence. Don't get me wrong it is always a great thing to stand up for yourself. Think to yourself, if you're always burning bridges with people then how do you expect to have resources, or support from anyone?