February 12, 2017

Is Nursing The Right Career For You?

      That is the question I've been asking myself in the past few days. I was afraid to share this with people because I felt so ashamed, however, regardless of my feelings I have to share it with you guys anyways. On the last week of January, I took my first exam and I would say that I felt pretty confident about the answers I chose. When classmates asked me how I did on the test, I told them I think I did fine. A week after that we got are test results and when I checked my grade I got a 71% on my first exam. Well, that's not bad but, remember nursing school grading scale is different from the normal grading scale. In my program, the lowest passing grade is a 77%. I felt so sad and defeated. I didn't know what to do and what I needed to do in order to maintain my grade for the class. When I asked my other classmates about how they did on the test, most of them received around 70-76%. So, I wasn't the only one who failed and it made me alittle bit calmer.

     From this day and forward I will get over it and let it go. I've been doing some to research on different ways to study and talking to other students about their study methods. I think one mistake I've made was trying to create a study guide for each chapter and not actually spending the time to study the material. I am going to study hard, focus and pray because I believe nursing is my calling.

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